The KFC Dip - A game changer in keeping healthy Euphyllia

The KFC Dip - A game changer in keeping healthy Euphyllia

Version: 1.1 (Updated 8/20/22)

Please check this link for the latest version as the version included in the med kit but be outdated:



Make sure to pre-wash corals before going into the dip.. and then wash them again before returning to the tank.  The direction for this is below in a separate blog.  We find that doing this help clean the corals better.


Container:  4 gallon tub
Equipment:  heater  and small sponge filter of some sort


  1. 500mg Amoxicillin
  2. 500mg Ciprofloxacin
  3. 10 leveled scoops of Chemiclean  
  4. 40 drops - Brightwell Lugol’s Solution
  5. 4 Capful - Brightwell Restor (the 500ml bottle's cap size)

Duration of dip: 2-6 hours
NOTE: We have dip corals for as long as 48 hours as a test and there were no negative effect Euphyllia we dipped.  


  1. Add the dry med (amoxicillin, Cipro, chemiclean)
  2. Add 4 gal of tank water
  3. Set heater to 74 deg. 
  4. Let the mixture run with the sponge filter or any intank filter for like 10 mins.  This is to help collect detritus and to add flow to the dip.
  5. Add Lugol
  6. Add Restor
  7. Pre-wash the corals in a diluted hydrogen peroxide wash.  See:
  8. After the dip, do a post-wash with diluted hydrogen peroxide again before returning into the tank.



Q: Why should I buy from Kung Fu Corals when I can have access to cheaper wholesale/hook up prices?

A: We recommend, you save money where you can and support who you like.  If you can source the products cheaper, feel free to do so.  We have done the lab work and have made something that have saved thousands upon thousands of corals.  Instead of charging money for the knowledge, we decide it's best to share that information for free to help our hobby.  When you buy our kit, you're supporting us so we can further develop this dip.    Another reason to buy the kit, is it's all in one place and you get the same exact same ingredient and meds we use ourselves. 

Q: What is Microbacter7 or Bactiv8 NPX bacteria used for?

A: This is included for those who would like to do an in-tank treat. Instructions for in-tank treatments are not included as it could be riskier.  In-tank treatment should only be used if you were experience massive or unknown Euphyllia dead inside the tank.  Please understand the risk before doing in-tank treatment and consult with us before attempting it.  A 2nd use would be to add good bacteria back into the system with every water change to help compete against "bad" bacteria.

Q: Can I dose Restor instead my tank?

A: Yes! In addition to adding Restor into the dip, dose it into the tank at the same time.  We recommend following the direction on the bottle for the minimum daily dose and get to know how your tank respond to it. 

Q: Can I reuse the dip?

A: Dips should be discarded after 1 day.  The medication will be less effective over time as well as dead bacteria will be floating around in the dip tub, thereby reducing the water quality. 

Q: The recipe calls for a 4 gal tub; can I scale it down to 1 gal?
A: Absolutely!  Just divide the ingredients by 4 and you'll have 1 gal dip.

Q: What does the dip do? How does it work?
A:  This dip was developed to help clean Euphyllia of bacteria.  A damaged or unhealthy Euphyllia could develop brown jelly disease (BJD). The dip is meant to help fight off BJD and allow the Euphyllia to heal itself.  

Q: How often should I dip?
A: We recommend that you dip daily until the torch is healed.  Look at the tissue.  Once it's healed, the tissue will be more inflated and plump.  This is a good sign.  You will also want to look for tissue NOT peeling upwards. 

Q:  I don't understand?  Can someone just help me?

A: Absolutely!  Message us on Instagram @kungfucorals and we'll be happy to lend a hand.  We are hobbyist at heart and don't mine sharing information and knowledge.

Q: All my Euphyllia are having issues, can I do an in-tank treatment?

A: YES!  The in-tank treatment uses the same ingredients but in different dosage. There's a procedure that we've used to help many tank turn completely around and have create thriving Euphyllia gardens again.  DM us on Instragram for help. @kungfucorals

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