Fill Up Your Sand Bed With Mushrooms Coral

Along with being a hardy beginner level coral these guys pack a punch and not as it relates to price…. Mushrooms are a very affordable way to stock your sanded full of incredibly rich colors, many compare mushroom corals to diamonds within the hobby and its easy to see why

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Zoanthid Essentials

Zoanthids are widely known as extremely hardy and easy to care for. Being a great choice for beginners they are always a great addition to any tank as they are fast growing and vibrant in color.

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Brilliant Blastos

These guys don’t need any introduction BlastoMussa are simply a must have in any reef tank. They add a fluffy look to any rock scape and are relivley quick growers assuming there is plentiful nutrients in the tank.

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Nothing But Goni’s

Goniopora are a fantastic way to get almost every shade and color you could want in you reef tank. These guys are going to require a bit more care and knowledge however once you understand they like low light & low to medium flow with a tank slightly dirtier than most, you’ll reap the rewards with this elegant coral.

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    The owner and founder of KFC has dedicated his career to his love of coral and all the incredible people in the hobby which over the years has allowed him to share not only his knowledge but his passion with tens of thousands of hobbyists

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